Download PenQuest-related material below.

Guides & Manuals

Video Intro PenQuest Video Introduction (September 2022) on YouTube
Game Guide PenQuest QuickStart Guide & Tutorial Walkthrough for Alpha Testers)
Video Guide PenQuest Video Guide (October 2021) on YouTube


Conference Paper Luh et al., “PenQuest Reloaded: A Digital Cyber Defense Game for Technical Education”, EDUCON, 2022.
Conference Presentation Video presentation recorded at EDUCON 2022 (YouTube)
Journal Paper Luh et al., “PenQuest: a gamified attacker/defender meta model for cyber security assessment and education”, Journal of Computer Virology and Hacking Techniques, 2019.
Conference Paper Luh et al., “APT RPG: Design of a Gamified Attacker/Defender Meta Model”, ICISSP, 2018.

Additional Material

Game Resource List of Actions & Equipment (Version 6.2 on Google Docs)