SVG Design Contest

We want you to leave your mark in PenQuest! Come up with an icon (SVG) for an action or piece of equipment and you might soon see your creation in the game! We’ll say thank you by adding you to the team credits and will unlock a unique game avatar for your PenQuest account.

Check the Resources site or this link for a list of actions and equipment and pick whatever you like. Add a comment that you are working on it and design a simple SVG that fits the game’s aesthetic – preferable a rectangular (-ish) monochrome motif with thick lines that also work when viewed at 25% of the size (there are small versions of all cards, see picture)!

Send it to and/or when you are happy and we will let you know if icon was selected by the team!

Expect to see your design on the respective card in one of the future updates!

Example card (large)

Example card (small)